About Us

arabourse is a portal dedicated to providing information and education relating to the Middle Eastern financial markets. arabourse provides accurate and up-to-date information, analysis, views, and news of the Middle East financial markets, as well as tools to help analyze such markets and their traded assets.

arabourse is also an online community that helps in creating awareness of the Middle East financial markets by bringing together people from across the world to communicate and share their information, knowhow, and expertise via multiple channels:

  1. Contribution of articles and commentaries
  2. Blogs
  3. Messages
  4. Chats

arabourse views education as an important aspect of investment, and thus provides material on the basics of investments, as well as educational articles written by participating authors who cherish to share their expertise and knowhow with the public. Individuals who wish to take their education a step further can benefit from training courses offered by participating regional training institutes through the arabourse eStore page.

arabourse will continue its journey of enriching its content in depth and breadth. arabourse has plans to expand its catalogue of tools as well as grow its online community so that it becomes a one-stop-shop source of financial information, with the aim of creating transparency of the Middle East financial markets.