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Analysis and Views

arabourse has introduced the Analysis & Views section in order to address the pressing need of individuals to make sense of the markets, to understand the underlying forces that make them move, and to decipher asset performances and their impact on prices, be it stock, forex, commodities, or any other asset.

arabourse relies on third-party financial analysts and experts to contribute their knowhow and expertise by posting their articles and views for the sake of interested readers.  Readers can view analytical articles focusing on Equities and Currencies, as well as Technical analysis and Fundamental analysis.  arabourse strives to create financial investment awareness and to enrich the readers’ analytical experience.

Tools for Analysis

arabourse provides tools to help individuals conduct their own technical and fundamental analysis of Middle Eastern stocks, global Forex, and other assets available on arabourse.

Technical indicators, such as Simple Moving Averages, MACD, and RSI to name a few are provided to aid investors in conducting their own technical analysis.  Moreover, an advanced charting tool is available where one can make use of a large selection of drawings and technical indicators to analyze charts.

Company financials are also key when it comes to fundamental analysis and the determination of a company’s outlook.  Up-to-date financial statements and ratios are made available at your finger-tips by simply clicking on a company stock symbol where it appears, or by looking it up through the advanced search function. 

Up-to-date financial news

News is vital to staying up-to-date with current events that impact financial markets and investments. arabourse has therefore, provided a comprehensive News section where you can enjoy real-time business and economic news.

For investors seeking focused and targeted news, arabourse has provided sections for Economic, Corporate, Equities, Currencies, and Commodities news, thus aiding investors to view articles that are of interest to them.

Investors will never miss a thing.  arabourse has it covered.


Understanding the various financial markets available to Middle Eastern investors, how to benefit from them without burning one’s capital, the norms and terms, how to analyze the plethora of available information and data, how to use financial tools, and how to make investment decisions are all critical questions that arabourse is continuously addressing through its own contribution, as well as those of specialists.

Participating authors are continuously sharing their insights into the financial markets to enhance the education process.  In addition, reputable training institutes are joining forces with arabourse to offer their trading and investment related courses via our eStore.  You can chose to enroll in any course of your choice, as well as the method of delivery, that is onsite or online.

The education section caters to all levels of investors.  For those taking their first steps in learning about the investment world, to those looking to broaden their investment knowledge and gain insight into the financial markets, arabourse has it covered.  We know that learning is a lifelong process and education may be your greatest asset, and that is why there will be a continuous flow of new educational articles and training courses that you can benefit from.

Training opportunities

arabourse has joined forces with regional training institutes to offer their courses in our eStore, thus providing investors with various choices that meet their educational needs and preferences.  Browse a collection of courses delivered by professionals either on site or online.

Online community

Communication and sharing information is key in today’s global world.  arabourse is an online community portal that brings providers and consumers of financial information, analysis, and education face to face in a virtual hall.

arabourse provides multiple channels of communication among its registered users in order to facilitate their interaction and the exchange of information, ideas, thoughts, insights, and knowhow.  Readers and users are encouraged to become part of our growing online community and communicate via the:

  • Chatting facility
  • Internal messaging facility
  • Blogs module
  • Posting of analytical articles
  • Posting of educational articles